Beijinho, nickname of Benjamin Alves, born in the year 1922 in the parish of Cabreiro.

From rural and humble origins, he lived mainly from what the best land had to offer, eventually being raised by his grandmother Francisca, since his mother had left for the city of Porto to work as a governess. Later, it would naturally end up inheriting the heritage of those who had played the role of grandparents and parents at the same time.

In this house also lived a familiar representative of the clergy, responsible for the addition of the balcony that dates the year 1864.

However, the year of removal of this dwelling goes back well before the date in question, having already crossed six generations of the Alves Family. This family is also known as “The Souls”, because there was a shrine (later changed to a few meters below) in front of the main door of the room.

Beijinho, brave and fearless, he soon ventured to the capital where he worked until his marriage. Later it moved to Covilhã where it exerted the activity of miner in the famous Mines of Panasqueira. Before returning to his homeland, fate took him for some considerable years to the territory of Napoleon Bonaparte. Returning to his origins, he became a habitué at the Fairs of old, where he negotiated animals and ended up being linked to the activity of contracting cattle.

Still today, Beijinho is remembered with longing for others, due to the passion that accompanied him during his years in life: the horses.

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